A truck is the habitat of its driver. And a truck has a long and tough life, as a long haul making many hundreds of thousands of kilometers. STS products and components make the truck quiet, inside of the cabin elegant and functional and the outside look good. We know how to combine performances and functionality optimizing the final cost. These properties are combined with light weight.

The plants locations near the OEMs manufacturing sites allow flexible and reliable logistics.


Soft Trim
Hard Trim
Interior Exterior Engine
Headliner Side Shield Hoodliner
Cabin Side Trim Composite Heat Shield Noise Shield
Cabin Rear Wall Trim Tunnel Outer Engine Encapsulation
Polymeric Floor Carpet Sound Absorber
Under Engine Shield
Interior Exterior Engine
Completely Assembled Front Shelf Bumper Upper/Lower/Corner Metallic Heat Shield
Storage Assembled Front Step Module Upper & Lower Under Engine Shield
Fabric Overmolded for Pillar Instep Module Body Side Molding
Door Panel Front and Upper Center Panel with Logo
Assembled Central Drawer Grille
Assembled Glove Box Hadlamp Panel