Sustainability/Supply Chain (LkSG)

Sustainability in the Supply Chain

STS Group is the preferred global supplier of composite parts for transportation systems when it comes to design, comfort and efficiency.

At STS Group sustainability means striving for a better future and is a core value of our business success. It allows us to reduce risks in our day-to-day business operations and facilitates our pursuit of social, environmental and business goals.

Human rights and environmental standards in the Supply Chain

We are aware of our responsibility in terms of human rights, environmental standards and are committed to respect human rights and minimize the impact our company's activities on the environment. We will make every effort to identify risks in these areas as well as eliminate and mitigate, where possible, negative impacts on human rights and environment in our business activities worldwide.

Our approach to respect and uphold human rights is based on:

  • the UN Guiding Principles,
  • the International Bill of Human Rights
  • the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
  • the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

We summarized our Human Rights and environmental standards in a policy statement.­­

Requirements for suppliers

We want to conduct business in a responsible manner and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our Suppliers play an integral role in our sustainability journey, and we will never succeed without our partners and suppliers in the Supply Chain, so we need everyone's full commitment. Therefore, we expect suppliers to accept our Code of Conduct for Suppliers (“CoC for Suppliers”) and to meet the same environmental, social and governance requirements as we do.

Compliance with the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains (LkSG)

We are constantly working to ensure compliance with sustainability standards throughout the Supply Chain. When we select our direct business partners, we make sure that they comply with the law and follow ethical principles. If a partner fails to comply with our standards, we reserve the right to terminate the cooperation.

We conduct a regular risk analysis of the Adler Pelzer Group’s Supply Chain. The purpose of risk analysis is to continuously assess potential and actual risks of rights violations and, if necessary, apply specific preventive and remedial measures.

We are convinced that “Doing the Right Thing Together” makes us better.

Whistleblowing System/Grievance Mechanism

We are aware of the risks associated with our Supply Chain and business operations around the world. To ensure our commitment to maintaining responsible operations along our Supply Chain, we have developed a Whistleblowing System/Grievance Mechanism to address any stakeholder (supplier, business partner, etc.) grievance relating to our Supply Chain.

How to make a report: online report

Complying with regulations and internal rules is top priority for the STS Group. The success of our company is based on Integrity and Compliance. The STS’s Group’s Whistleblowing System/Grievance Mechanism offers the opportunity to report potential misconduct along Supply Chain.