Soft Trim

Soft Trim


Soft Trim is a challenging application. In most cases, Soft Trim is based on textile/fabric and chemical polymers. STS has long experience with the application of felt based on different materials and composed in a huge variety of recipies.
STS has a high vertical integration, making felt itself on three lines in two plants.

A superior interior trim starts with the acoustic design.


When driver or passenger sit in the vehicle, the interior trim is part of what they see and sometimes touch. The interior trim has a big impact on the sound in the cabin as well. Overall the impact of the interior trim to the drivers and passengers well-feeling is big, which makes it important.
STS created quite a variety of interior trim parts so far, using a variety of technologies and showing a wide variety of surfaces.
A superior interior trim starts with the style and is completed by a structural and acoustic optimized design.


We produce a wide range of floor carpet, from the simplest (Single layer textile based )to the more complex ( Multilayer that integrate acoustics, crash pads, air duct and other plastic or metallic accessories).

Inner Dash

Is one of the most important sound proof component in a vehicle. It provide a barrier from the noise coming from the engine compartment. STS has in the portfolio many solution from the pure absorbtion to the pure insulation version, passing trough a variety of combinations of both functions, “Hybrid soutions”.


The engine bay is characterized by extreme environment conditions. It is hot, loud, wet, windy, vibrating, which accounts practically for every application. The materials used must be designed to stand the high temperatures and absorb and insulate the noise as good as possible. STS has a variety of solutions that cover all the specified needs.


These product are located generally in the body underneath, the contribute to reduce the noise transmission to the passenger compartment but also to reduce the exterior noise. This function has significant value to reduce the traffic noise pollutions. They also contribute to the car body protection and the aerodinamic performance of the vehicle.