Light Vehicle

Light Vehicle


Passenger Cars

Passenger cars from small to big, from practical to sporty should guarantee low noise and good sound in all situations. Additional the parts that are needed to achieve these high standards today should be light like feathers.

The STS team uses its long experience to design and manufacture parts and assemblies for a broad variety of applications around the whole car. We produce parts with a large portfolio of technologies, variable thickness, multilayer/multimaterial layouts. For the interior, we provide acoustic parts and assemblies with a broad variety of surface materials.


Luxury Cars

We are proud to design and manufacture very challenging parts and components to amazing vehicles of prestigious brands. Luxury cars are demanding constructions. The technological limit is the goal. That is a tough job, but we learn a lot about the limits and how to extend them.

The experiences with extreme tasks helps us with other challenges in different market segments.


Soft Trim
Hard Trim
Interior Exterior Engine
Inner dash Composite Heat Shield Engine cover
PU Dashboard Seal Outer Wheel Arch Liner Hoodliner
Under dashboard insulator Tunnel Outer Outer dash
Textile Floor Carpet PU Gasket Seal Battery Wrap
Trunk Flooring & Side Trim Engine Encapsulation
Parcel Shelve Sound Absorber
Interior Exterior
Fabric Overmoled Pillar Trim Body Side Molding
Door Frame Underbody Shield
Interior Panel Siede Shield
Under Engine Shield
Metallic Heat Shield