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Emission Reduction

Protecting and preserving our environment is the major challenge for this generation. As such the EU has introduced new ambitious emission reduction targets in the automotive sector, striving to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from trucks by 15% by 2025 and by 30% from 2030 onwards. In addition the EU has set a noise reduction target for trucks of 2 decibels by 2025. China, the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, is also setting its own targets to reduce emissions.

STS is committed to supporting these targets. We are aiming to reduce further the total weight of our systems – and therefore vehicle CO2 emissions - by reducing the weight of typical plastic components and replacing the metal in components with a new lightweight composite material. We are improving the aerodynamic features of many of our truck products to improve performance, vehicle aerodynamics and reduce CO2 emissions. We are also developing acoustics solutions to reduce noise and improve sound, both in the vehicle and around the vehicle.



Digitalisation is transforming entire industries, and the automotive industry is no exception. Drivers are demanding more from their vehicles as a result. Autonomous or semi-autonomous driving, platooning in the truck sector and connected driving are all examples of how drivers are making use of modern networked technology to ensure a more comfortable, more convenient, more streamlined driving experience.

Digital transformation is a huge opportunity for STS. The new lightweight composite material we use in many of our products allows for the optimum transmission of radar waves, and our new “Next Roof” is being developed specially to utilise digital possibilities in the field of driver comfort and road user safety.


Alternative Powertrain

The electrification of power transmission technology has undergone significant development in recent years.  The market is seeing increasing numbers of electric vehicles suitable for everyday use an expansion in the construction of charging infrastructure. eMobility is now seen as a central component of a smart and resource-conserving urban lifestyle.

STS is exploring solutions which promote eMobility. Our lightweight solutions reduce total vehicle weight, and therefore the range of the electric vehicle. We are developing new products which improve the safety of eVehicles such as our new fire-resistant Battery System Cover and Tray.



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