Innovation Examples

“Next  Roof” Module for Trucks

Roof modules for trucks today are heavy, difficult to manufacture, difficult to optimise for design and accessorise. We saw here an opportunity to do better. We are proud to announce our next-generation truck roof module: Next Roof

Key Features:


  • Modular – The new roof module comes in modular parts across a standard frame which means it is easy and time-efficient to assemble and can easily adapt to different cab sizes. All of which leads to lower costs.
  • Made from lightweight composite material – We have replaced the standard metal with a lightweight composite material. This reduces the overall weight of the truck and the material allows for greater design freedom so the roof can be more easily adapted to optional extras and improved aerodynamics.

The Future:

2020 we will concentrate on improving the process and technology opportunities for making the new modular roof. Over the next 5-10 years we will focus on integrating the full range of smart features. These smart features will ensure:

  • Greater Road User Safety – We will integrate safety features such as sensors, cameras, birdview, external projection and Lidar which captures the road users position and communicates this to the driver.
  • Better driving experience – We will integrate features such as a media centre, sonor insulation, WiFi on board and induction charger.
  • Improved brand image – There will be greater opportunities for the customer to personalise the vehicle with enhanced branding features, external display, brand identity, style lines and LED.
  • Greater environmental focus – Our next-generation roof module will include in-built solar panels, wind turbines, water collect with filter and pump and a battery and energy management controller to ensure reduced energy loss.




Battery System Cover for eVehicles

eVehicle batteries are increasing in size and power. In the event that these batteries were to fail, the consequences could be extremely serious. The battery would produce dangerous gases and possibly catch fire. Unable to resist these extreme temperatures, today’s aluminium protective battery covers are not fit for purpose. Therefore STS has designed a new protective battery pack cover from a lightweight composite material better suited to modern powerful eMobility batteries.

Key Features:


  • Made from lightweight composite material which is specially designed to resist extremely high temperatures. This material also means greater freedom of design and is lower weight.
  • Includes an aluminium foil cover to protect the battery and ensure resistance against electro-magnetic waves from every day transmitters such as radios and mobile phones.

We are currently working on a Battery Pack Tray from the same lightweight composite. Since the performance and life of batteries used in eVehicles are very sensitive to temperature, this tray will play an important role in managing the battery’s temperature.