We use all our experience in the complex field of acoustic materials in the design of the part: the CAD design is completely integrated with manufacturing and tooling issues.

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We have a complete set of simulation software, making us able to forecast the performances of a single acoustic component as well as of a complete vehicle. Our virtual models are experimentally validated thanks to our expertise and to the measurement devices in the Lab.

We have a rich set of S.E.A. Models which we developed for different vehicle segments and truck types: we can help you in monitoring the vehicle acoustic performances during the development phase and in optimizing the acoustic package.


We have a fully equipped acoustic laboratory with measurement systems ranging from micro to macro level: from specific material, acoustic parameters to complete acoustic part performance, as well as vehicle performance. A special attention is paid to «sound quality» analysis.

Among our devices we can count Kunt’s Tube, Alpha Cabine, hemianecoic room with roller test benches as well as 3D Probes and special measurement systems to make specific diagnostic.


Our material lab makes us fast because we are widely independent from external resources. The lab provides us the capacity to perform most of the tests required based on customer specification.
We have the equipment to test fiber, felt, textile carpet, rubber carpet and plastics. We can execute mechanical test, chemical test, and aging test from -40C to 150C and up to 90% humidity. And the big climate chamber allows us fatigue test with vibrator in different temperature conditions. We can check wear of surfaces e.g. scratching.
The lab is certified according ISO 16949? and ISO 14.000.


The prototyping workshop is an important component in our concept to provide a good service from the idea to the parts supply. With our prototyping know-how and facilities, we can validate the concept and speed up the design process significantly. The quick prototyping assures common understanding with the customer
The prototype workshop is equipped for the manufacturing of wood and raisins tools with presses for thermoplastic and thermoset molding, waterjet cut and most important skillful staff.
The prototyping allows us to check the tool without disturbing the production.


We have a successful experience in target setting & deployment strategies in the early stages of a project as well as detailed diagnostic and problem solving for a vehicle already on the road.

We think that our balanced combination of «virtual» vehicles and real measurements really can make the difference in finding the optimum solution, taking into account weight, performance and costs.