A values-driven employer

At STS we pride ourselves on the four core values of integrity, open-mindedness, respect and commitment. These values permeate every level of our business and operations. They illustrate what we are and what we always aspire to be.



means that we always fulfil our promises. Honesty and principle is the cornerstone of who we are.



means that we welcome new ideas. We are a truly global company and we pride ourselves on our cultural openness and receptiveness and our flat hierarchy means that staff at every level should feel they can approach management at any time with their ideas for continuous improvement. 



means that we strive to show a deep respect for people both inside and outside our company. We listen to our customers and go to the next level to find solutions.



means that we are committed to meeting our customers’ requirements in everything we do and value people who are reliable and responsible.


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Research and development

At STS we don’t just make. We innovate.

At our three global R & D centres we invest to ensure our products are cutting edge. Searching for answers is a fundamentally important part of what we do – and it has formed part of our DNA for over 80 years. We firmly believe that research is not about a constant race to develop new technologies, rather something that makes a tangible contribution to improving the quality of our lives.

Global career

With many sites across the world in Germany, France, Mexico, and China, STS is a truly global company. We are thus able to adapt to local needs — without losing sight of the big picture. With STS you can really profit from the diverse opportunities offered by a global employer.

Entrepreneurial culture

At STS we place great value on new, innovative ideas from our employees. We encourage our employees to think like entrepreneurs, to question established practice and constantly innovate. If you go to work looking to shape your industry and workplace, STS is the right choice for you.

At the forefront of automotive megatrends

Our world is changing and the automotive industry needs to keep pace. Emissions reduction, digitalisation and eMobility are all trends which are transforming the way we drive. With innovative products and materials like our lightweight SMC composite STS Group is constantly innovating to meet the trends of today and tomorrow. Read more about STS Innovations

High-value customers

We supply the most exciting and innovative automotive brands in the business.