What systems and components does STS produce?

STS systems and components can be found in every area of the vehicle. From the vehicle interior and exterior to the engine bay as well as the drivetrain and chassis. We are constantly developing new solutions to meet the growing needs of the future, for example new components for the electric drive system to meet today’s growing eMobility trend.

What do STS systems and components offer?


Smart functionality

Vehicles offer additional functions beyond driving and many STS systems and components bring these functions to life, for example storage systems in the truck cabin, parcel shelves in cars and many more. These play an important role in the user’s satisfaction. STS is a strong partner to develop and deliver these worldwide.



Attractive appearance

How a vehicle looks makes an important first impression. Not only from the outside but also from the inside of the vehicle and under the bonnet. STS Group makes systems and components which improve the style and appearance of a vehicle.