Acoustic Simulation in the early Stages

When the component is still an idea and you ask STS for quotation, we carry out specific acoustic simulations to forecast the performances and verify achievability of target. When it looks promising, we suggest you the optimal solution for your needs.

CAD during the development

After the assignment and during the whole development of the component, the acoustic simulation loop is run in order to monitor the performances, analyse possible bugs and eventually propose material/CAD modifications.

STS Acoustics Lab allows Validation of real World Parts

As soon as the real component is manufactured, in the prototypical phase as well as in the final
stage, its acoustic performances are measured in the STS Acoustic Lab. This step is part of the
autoqualification process and at the same time constitutes a final validation of the virtual
In our hemi-anechoic room, we can support the customer in the validation of the acoustic
component also in the vehicle context, by means of measurements on the roller bench or in
static conditions.

Material database running in batch

Why are our simulations so reliable? The specific acoustic parameters, which are the primary
stones of the simulations, are measured and continously updated in our acoustic Lab.