Our Success Story

STS was founded in 2013 with the goal to reach steady growth and value-add-acquisitions. Since then STS has established a leading position in the market as the preferred global supplier of composite parts when it comes to design, comfort and efficiency. And STS keeps on growing.


STS established from Autoneum’s commercial vehicle and Italian business.
New greenfield plant in Poland.
STS acquires two production sites for plastic truck parts from MecaplastGroup.
STS acquires a production site for acoustic parts in Brazil from Autoneum Group.
Global truck supplier business from Plastic Omnium Group.
New STS headquarters opens in China.
New STS plant opens in China.

What makes STS so special - Unique selling points of STS Group

Combining technologies

We offer the customer complete system solutions through the combination of technologies such as thermal isolation components, injection moulding technology and composite component production. 

High vertical integration

We own and control multiple stages of the production process, from the semi-finished material to the finished product. This allows us to keep specific product know-how in house, control the process, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies during processes such as composite thermocompression and injection moulding.  

Batch-size flexibility

STS Group focuses on medium batch sizes, producing up to 100,000 parts per year, an attractive feature for SMC compression. STS is competitive in medium series sizes which is likely to be the future trend of electric vehicles. 

Global footprint

STS Group has operations in 3 continents, including 8 production plants and 4 logistic/service plants across the globe and 3 R&D centres in Europe and China. This means we offer local, tailor-made solutions based on our global know-how. Our global footprint also saves costs, protects the environment and significantly optimises interaction and support for our customers. 

Our success story does not stop there. We also have ambitious plans for the future:

STS is excellently positioned to develop new innovative solutions to changing market conditions. The following automotive megatrends offer great opportunities to STS:

  • Emission reduction: STS solutions reduce weight and help to improve the aerodynamics of vehicles.
  • Alternative powertrain: STS solutions are developed to fit all kinds of powertrain, especially eVehicles.
  • Digitalisation: STS develops complex systems that meet the requirements of new digital developments in the automotive industry such as autonomous driving, platooning and connected driving.
  • Transport growth: STS has extended its customer portfolio and global footprint in order to satisfy a growing e-commerce market with ever expandinglogistic activities.