Strategy & Identity

Objectives and Strategy

STS Group AG is a leading global solution supplier of components and systems for the commercial vehicle and automotive industry. Our objective is to expand this position while growing profit sustainably. Doing so, we focus on solutions for composite components from a single source. STS products make vehicles future-proof by contributing significantly to design, feel and functionality while, at the same time, helping to reduce weight. In order to expand our competitive position and ensure profitability in the long term, the Group is concentrating on five strategic pillars: “growth in China”, “market entry in USA”, “add-on acquisitions”, “new products” and “cost structures in Europe”.

As part of the company’s strategy to achieve further growth in new geographical markets and to expand its business activity in China, the Group constructed its third production site in Shiyan, China. The production for this site started in the first quarter of 2019. In addition, the Group plans to extend its presence in Europe, for example by expanding its capacity in Eastern Europe. The Comany also aims to expand its presence in North and South America. The growth strategy is supported by new products, that meet the need for new emission standards and the response to technological trends such as autonomous driving and electric mobility. Add-on acquisitions focus on new potential targets to realise further growth. A high sense for optimizing cost structures in Europe ensures a continuous improvement through automatization of processes, operational excellence and improved footprint.


Our STS Identity reflects the type of organisation we aspire to be. It summarises our values, our strengths, and our strategic orientation.


To be the preferred global plastics solution provider for transport systems when it comes to design, comfort and efficiency.


To deliver innovative system solutions for smarter transport and sustainable profit growth. Through commitment to excellence we exceed customer expectations.



Honesty and principle is the cornerstone of who we are. In addition safety is more than a buzzword for us. As an ISO-certified organisation we are absolutely committed to the well-being of our employees.



We are a truly global company and we pride ourselves on our cultural openness and receptiveness. The automotive market is also changing and we need to be open to new solutions and ideas, therefore we are committed to continuous innovation and finding “the right answer”. Open-mindedness also applies to our management. We are proud of our flat hierarchy and approachable management. Employees at every level know that at STS they can implement their ideas and leave their footprint on the company.



We strive to show a deep respect for people both inside and outside our company. We listen to our customers and go to the next level to find solutions. We value our employees, encourage their development and reward their performance. We expect all of the people we work with to treat each other with respect.



We are committed to meeting our customers’ requirements in everything we do and value people who are reliable and responsible. We take ownership of tasks and make it our mission to find solutions.